About Deities Crystals!

Deities Crystals History & Overview 
Deities Crystals was founded in 2020 and first launched on Etsy in 2021. We started to grow our crystal community and we quickly realized Etsy wasn’t the place for us. Our first website was launched at the end of December 2021, we also starting our weekly livestreams. That was beginning of everything that we are today! We’ve made so many connections through social media and in person events! We cannot wait to continue our journey and meet more fellow crystal lovers! 

More About the Owner 

My name is Hailey! I am a 21 year old Sagittarius, I am currently running and operating all parts of Deities Crystals. Crystals are my passion and being able to bring peace & help others spiritually is my calling. I am always looking to improve our shop as we continue to grow! Being able to build connections with people from all over the world is absolutely amazing! Thank you to all who support my shop and help my dreams come to fruition!