What are the 7 main chakras?

The 7 chakras represents the main energy points in the human body. They correspond to major organs & nerves, the health of these areas impact our spiritual and physical health directly. It’s important to be mindful of this and take care of your spiritual health. Spiritual health will effect our mental & physical health.  

What does an imbalanced chakra look like?

An imbalanced chakra can cause many issues to your mental or physical health. For example headaches, pelvic pain, joint & spinal pain, poor gut health, brain fog and more. An imbalanced chakra can also cause issues such as jealousy, insomnia, insecurities, frustration, depression, anxiety, fear, paranoia, scatter brain, indecisiveness and more. So keeping your spiritual health in order is just as important as your physical or mental health. 

Physical, Mental & Spiritual Health are all connected 

How to rebalance your chakras 

Depending on which chakra some methods work better than others but there are so some basic exercises that will help recenter all chakras and your mind. 
1. Yoga, yoga is a beautiful way to cleanse off the day and recenter your mind and chakras. Holding any pose basic to advance for at least 30 seconds can relieve stress, relax muscles, clear the mind & relieves pressure. Being active with your body creates new flowing energy which leaves you feeling replenished and proactive. 
2. Breathe Work, Breathe work is an amazing way to feel centered and calm those nerves. Using breathe work during meditation, right before bed or right when you wake up will help you feel more grounded in the moment and ready for the next thing while reliving anxiety and unwanted thoughts. 
3. Grounding meditation, simply is a technique which includes the use of feeling your surroundings and indulging in nature. Take a barefoot walk, jump in a river, meditating outside helps reconnect with nature which also cleanses our nervous system and helps realigns your mind, body, and chakras. 
4. Take a chakra cleansing bath- take some much needed you time and recharge your energy and chakras with this method. These bath require extra set up materials such as: taking some of your favorite crystals and place them around your bath, light some candles, add herbs, flowers, tea whatever special touches you’d like to add to make the experience more personalized to you and your spiritual needs. Bring a book or listen to music use this time to not be distracted by any devices or outside distractions. Use this time to pull back your power and release the energy that is no longer serving you. 

There are many more centering techniques and ways to keep your chakras balanced and activated. Use the methods that call out to you and make the most sense to you. Remember, no two people’s spiritual rituals are exactly the same, practice is ways that are most comfortable for you!